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Tired of being sabotaged when you are trying to make healthy changes to your diet?  Me, too.  That's what this website is about.  And, this site is a result of my struggle with avoiding flour & sugar as well as procrastination and clutter.

"all-you-can-eat" is a site about weight loss and diet and how "friends" and family sometimes sabotage us with "all you can eat" buffets, travel, vacations, office parties, and Mom making "your favorite cake."

"all-you-can-eat" is about that strategically placed vending machine that attacks you when you work at night and are hungry and seem faced with no other choice.... 

This site is about dealing with stigma and disappointment.  I'm developing an interest in "Fat Acceptance."

I almost called the site "your favorite cake."  This probably won't be a high powered site with flash and gimmicks, just good, old-fashioned angst, painful truth, and maybe a grain of useful advice. 

This site is under current development as of September of 2003, so check back soon for updates. 

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